Deep Friendship – A Rare and Precious Gift

Deep friendship – the kind where we’re seen, cherished, encouraged, and challenged – is rare. How often does another person thoroughly know us and thoroughly cherish us at the same time? Not very often. Have you ever had a friend who loves you enough to consistently gift you with good – even if you two must at times walk through difficult territory? I hope so. That kind of loyal love is seldom either offered or accepted.

I can count on one hand those who have offered me such deep friendship (if I don’t use all my fingers and skip my thumb). Each such friend has been an incredible gift. Each has soothed me, brought me joy, and given me a glimpse of God.

The quote pictured below describes such a friend.

Deep Friendship

God has built the longing for deep friendship into each of our hearts. May the words of this unknown author move you to offer this kind of friendship to others and to accept such a friendship if another offers it to you.

Deep Friendship – A Rare and Precious Gift
© Lynne Fox, 2017


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