Comparing Ourselves With Others

Do you ever try to boost your self-esteem? Of course you do – we all do – typically by comparing ourselves with others. I recommend against such comparisons, and so does the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 10:12. What’s wrong with this practice? Several things.

Romans 3:23 cuts out pride and shame. Compare yourself w/ God, not w/ people.
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Redeemed (I’m Not Who I Used to Be)

I’m sitting in my parked car overlooking the Pacific listening, not to the thunder of waves, but to the message of Mike Weaver’s heart-piercing song, Redeemed. I listen and I write. I’ve put the CD player on “Repeat” to let the words sink deep. Redeemed. New. Free. I listen to the words over and over. Thirty times … fifty times. I need these words. Redeemed. New. Free. Free from who I used to be. Free to live differently from how I used to live. Free to personally access the richness Jesus brings.

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Fear of Failing

One August several years ago, seven football greats came to a microphone in Canton, Ohio to accept their induction into the in the National Football League Hall of Fame. Two of the speeches fascinated me. Both speakers had worked hard to achieve excellence – and both triumphed – yet their motivations could not have been more different: one highlighted his fear of failing; the other highlighted his faith.

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