Grappling With Your Identity


Struggling with Identity or Self-worth?

Lynne Fox, Psy.D & Counseling Pastor illustrates the path to understanding who you are in God's view.

In this practical, thoughtful and warmly personal book, Lynne applies a lifetime of experience, through both struggles and joy, to show you how to find dependable worth that never fades.

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Do you delight in who you are?

I don’t mean some sort of abstract feeling that you’re probably okay. I mean joy. Most of us never come close to joy, particularly about ourselves. Instead we tend to identify with every ugly thing we do. In this practical, thoughtful, on-target, and warmly personal book you will discover God’s path from shame to joy. You will find a dependable worth that never fades.

We think our successes and flaws define us. God disagrees. Grappling with Your Identity takes a close look at His view of our worth.

Many of us have find self-worth elusive. primarily because we base it on elusive things. Things like what we do, what we have, or how others treat us. Our sense of value flourishes when we succeed and plummets when we fail. Possessions aren’t any better at producing reliable worth – they rust or get lost or lose their luster. And other’s responses to us? They’re equally undependable. Being praised may boost our ego, but scorn? Scorn can cause us to seriously question ourselves. We feel shame. We hunger for joy.

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