For a long time I thought I loved our kids more than my husband did. I came to this conclusion because he didn’t hurt like I did when the kids had a hard time. Their struggles bothered me a lot more than they bothered him. I hated “kid-pain.” I wanted to fix it. I wanted to fix it right away. My husband seemed much more composed. He was quite willing to let the kids work things through. To me, loving a kid meant stopping their pain. To him, loving a kid meant doing whatever would help them mature. I thought him insensitive.

If my husband loved our kids as much as I did, wouldn’t their pain tear at his heart the way it tore at mine? Maybe. But maybe not.

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A Lifetime Together

My husband and I have celebrated a lot of anniversaries. I wouldn’t exactly call the two of us old … I prefer the word “mature.” Mature fits. All these married years have brought a degree of maturity. When we speak we do so from considerable experience. I’d like to share with you some important things we’ve learned over the years, both about our intimate relationship and about the faithful commitment that supports its beauty. Please, take these words deep into your heart….

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