The View from Behind the Cross (from “Immanuel” by Robert Doares)

For thirty years Robert Doares drew scenes from the life of Christ. He carefully researched historical data to shape the exquisitely detailed drawings found in his book: Immanuel – God with Us. I’ve looked through it many times, particularly during the weeks before Easter.

Immanuel - God with Us

This year I was pulled once more to Doares’ drawing of the crucifixion. (You’ll find it on pages 102-103 of his book.) In every other drawing of that scene (at least every one I’ve seen) the artist stands in front of the cross, facing Jesus. Not Doares. He stands behind the cross and we, with him, face the crowd. We see what Jesus sees – the soldiers, the curious onlookers, and those who helplessly watch as the one they love suffers.

I’m fascinated by Doares view from behind the cross. It draws me near. When I see what Jesus sees, the cross becomes more personal. I’m a participant with Jesus. You can be a participant as well – you also can draw near. Perhaps that’s what Doares intends.

The View from Behind the Cross (from “Immanuel” by Robert Doares)
© Lynne Fox, 2016



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