As If Asleep

Lots of things keep us awake: too big a dinner, that dull pain in our back, cats fighting outside our window, an unsettled argument with a friend, discomfort, anger, emotional upsets. And a sense of danger.

The psalmist could sleep because he knew that God, God alone, would protect him. God alone, without David’s aid or effort. David slept peacefully because he felt no need to guard himself. The same should characterize us. We are no more vulnerable when asleep then when awake. I’m serious. Waking or sleeping, God alone protects us, without our aid and without our effort. I’m not saying give up on wisdom (it’s okay to lock the door), and I’m not advocating foolish passivity, but we have no need to stress, no need to fear.

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Looking Out My Back Door

I am, as I write, sitting on my screen porch, looking out my back door over the railing at scenery I’ve delighted in for years. But I’m not enjoying it now, not really, because tomorrow we move out. And I’m sad. So many happy memories, out here on the porch and inside this home. I’ll never again find myself looking out my back door – not this back door over this railing to these trees. Never again. I miss my view even before it’s gone.

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