Codependence. Another term shrouded in mystery. If someone leans towards you over a cup of coffee and quietly tells you they’re codependent you probably have no idea what to say. What is codependence? The term refers to an emotional disorder where one person perpetuates the psychological problems of someone close to them. The codependent enables their cohort to continue their maladaptive ways both by protecting them from the consequences of their bad choices and by avoiding conflict with them at almost any cost. This behavior is often directed towards an addict.

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Rethinking Psychology

Psychology Has Its Limits
Psyche means soul. Logos refers to what we say about things. The word “psychology” combines these two ideas to tell us its focus: psychology speaks about the matters of the soul – about soulish things. The thoughts we think, the choices we make, the emotions we feel, these are the issues of the soul.

Psychology deals primarily with disorders – it observes the flesh. Psychology does not remark on the person made in God’s image.
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