Necessary Pain

I am convinced that pain is necessary. If the word “necessary” causes you to put up a wall and stop paying attention, I’ll soften my vocabulary and say that pain is purposeful. (But I really mean necessary.)

At first pass, the concept of “necessary pain” doesn’t make much sense. To most of us our troubles seem at best unnecessary and at worst the cruel work of an uncaring God. Pain causes us to wrestle with the basics of God’s character. If God cares, if He’s good, why doesn’t He remove our pain? Perhaps He doesn’t care; perhaps He isn’t good; perhaps He has no power over pain. Or, perhaps God has His reasons for allowing pain, even horrific pain, to invade our lives.

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Playing Music Backwards (Romans 8:28)

Playing music backwards works – the cowboy finds his dog, his truck gets fixed, then his girl comes home. It’s an old joke, but what a concept! If we could only pull it off in real life. But we can’t play real life backwards. All we have is forwards. And that’s where God comes in.

Because God bought our future good w/ His own suffering, when we suffer we can trust His heart.
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Looking Out My Back Door

I am, as I write, sitting on my screen porch, looking out my back door over the railing at scenery I’ve delighted in for years. But I’m not enjoying it now, not really, because tomorrow we move out. And I’m sad. So many happy memories, out here on the porch and inside this home. I’ll never again find myself looking out my back door – not this back door over this railing to these trees. Never again. I miss my view even before it’s gone.

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