Announcing a Temporary Posting Pause

Rest assured! BibleGrapes isn’t going away. However, the Lord has recently made quite clear that it’s now time to focus on the completion of my second book.

Proposed New Title:
God’s Startling Analogy

I’m currently investigating possibilities for publication of my second book and have been told that it would be most helpful for me to attend the April 2020 Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference. I would love to go, but two major obstacles made my attendance impossible: Transportation and lodging. Let me explain.

Since my 2018 stroke, I’m unable to drive distances on fast unfamiliar routes. The commute from my home to the conference grounds would be impossible. So, no transportation. As for lodging, for years, I’ve been unable to stay in public lodging because the rooms contain many substances to which I‘m severely allergic.

Facing those major obstacles. I gave up. Then God stepped in.

He quickly swept away obstacle after obstacle, turning the impossible into possible.

First, the Lord quickly provided not one but two round trip drivers. Then He provided a roommate who knows the Mount Hermon staff and has already arranged with them to free our room as best they can of the common substances to which I am allergic. Obstacle after obstacle has been swept away. So I changed my mind – I’m going.

While at the conference, I hope to have multiple opportunities to meet with publishers, agents, and editors whom I pray will favorably review my manuscript proposal and want to publish this book.

So, why the hiatus from BibleGrapes posts? Because I need to focus instead on preparation for the Mount Hermon conference. I have deadlines to meet and many time-consuming tasks await my attention.

The conference continues from Wednesday, April 4th to Saturday, April 7th. Please pray for me that I will keep my eyes on the goodness of our God, whatever form that may take once I arrive.

A short P.S. If any of you are at least semi-famous or have a voice in the publishing world, please let me know if you can be of any help. The comments section at the end of this post would be a good place to reply.

Announcing a Temporary Posting Pause
© LynneFox, 2020

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