A Close Look at Eden (Persistent Truth That Changes Your Life)

Typically we form our opinions about God from what we see. And there’s some validity to our method – the visible world does reveal God’s presence and power. But the visible world also deludes us; what we now see is not God’s original work. The original happened in Eden. And in Eden that original was warped.

The first chapters of Genesis – the “garden chapters” – give us the foundation on which the whole rest of the bible depends. They reveal God’s character in startling and mesmerizing ways. I’ve taught this material repeatedly over the years, and repeatedly people tell me that it’s changed their lives. I suspect that a close look at Eden will change your life as well.

This is crucial material presented in a highly condensed form, so we’ll go through it one concept at a time – one post at a time – to give it opportunity to impact you. As you read through each successive post you’ll find God eager to show you the truth about Himself.

God hasn’t changed since Eden. His character persists.

I’ve divided the Beginnings Series into four parts: God Brings Life, God Gifts Lavishly, God Guarantees Victory, and God Offers Grace. Click the links below to see what’s been posted so far in this ongoing series.


A Few Suggestions

  1. Before you and I start our close look at Eden, I like you to read through the first four chapters of Genesis in a single sitting. Don’t worry about the details – just get the “lay of the land.” (We’ll go through plenty of specifics in each post as the Beginnings Series unfolds.)
  2. As you read through each post I encourage you to do the following:
    * Explore your own beliefs and behaviors. See if your beliefs about God match what the biblical text discloses.
    * Don’t hesitate to ask God your own questions – any question.
    * Tell God where you doubt His character and hesitate to trust Him.
    * Consider with God how your ideas about Him impact your behavior, mood, and relationship with Him.
    * Talk through this material with others. (You’re not the only one who struggles at times with the character of God.)
  3. I’ve revamped the Beginnings Series to make it easier to use.
    Application Questions are now included at the end of each post. Use these questions for your own reflection and/or for stimulating discussion in a study group.


Join me in the coming weeks for a close look at what Eden teaches us about God and about yourself. You’re in for a treat. I suspect you’ll meet a God who differs from your expectations.

A Close Look at Eden (Persistent Truth That Changes Your Life)
© Lynne Fox, 2017

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