Redeemed (I’m Not Who I Used to Be)

I’m sitting in my parked car overlooking the Pacific listening, not to the thunder of waves, but to the message of Mike Weaver’s heart-piercing song, Redeemed. I listen and I write. I’ve put the CD player on “Repeat” to let the words sink deep. Redeemed. New. Free. I listen to the words over and over. Thirty times … fifty times. I need these words. Redeemed. New. Free. Free from who I used to be. Free to live differently from how I used to live. Free to personally access the richness Jesus brings.

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Comparing Ourselves With Others

Do you ever try to boost your self-esteem? Of course you do – we all do – typically by comparing ourselves with others. I recommend against such comparisons, and so does the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 10:12. What’s wrong with this practice? Several things.

Romans 3:23 cuts out pride and shame. Compare yourself w/ God, not w/ people.
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Being Me at the Airport

Here’s a true story about a horrible/wonderful experience. A disfigured stranger at the airport gave me a close glimpse of the profound difference between humiliation and humility. He reminded me of Jesus. He was at ease with himself. He lived out humility: not trying to be more than he was … not settling for less than he was. His example furthered my own journey from a pervasive sense of shame to knowing that God has given each of us – including me, including you – unassailable and unchanging dignity.

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